Peking University (PKU) and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis International (IIASA) Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Call for Applications 2022

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Within the framework of their Memorandum of Understanding, Peking University (hereinafter referred to as PKU) and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (hereinafter referred to as IIASA) have launched the PKU-IIASA International Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, aimed at training highly qualified early-career postdoctoral researchers to carry out research in fields of mutual interest at both PKU and IIASA, which include but are not limited to applied mathematics, system analysis engineering, statistics, demography, physical geography, agriculture, forestry, environmental economics, resource and energy management, ecology, biology, water engineering, urban planning and meteorology.

PKU-IIASA Postdoctoral Fellows will have the opportunity to develop international and interdisciplinary research skills and become part of a vibrant, dynamic, diverse, and international scientific research community both at PKU and at IIASA. This opportunity will give the fellows the chance to advance their skills and broaden their research interests.

Additionally, the fellows will gain first-hand experience in applying systems analysis to real-world problems and issues. The fellows will have access to a network of international collaborators, many of them with highly successful careers in their own specialized scientific areas, which can help in boosting future career prospects.


The Program will offer up to five postdoctoral fellowships every year. Each fellowship is to be awarded for 24 months. Ideally fellowship recipients should complete the first 12 months of their fellowships at PKU and the subsequent 12 months at IIASA. In addition, exchange visits and regular (virtual) meetings between the fellows and the respective IIASA/PKU supervisors are strongly encouraged. This includes a mandatory inaugural visit/meeting, to ensure co-design of the research and to strengthen collaboration between PKU and IIASA. The extension of the fellowship beyond the first 12 months shall be subject to a joint mid-term evaluation.

Candidates will be required to start the fellowship during the first half of 2023.


PKU will pay fellows in RMB through Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship of Peking University (click it for detailed information), even when fellows are working at IIASA. For each fellow, an annual pre-tax salary of RMB200,000 and annual insurances of RMB91,000 will be provided. While at PKU, a fellow may choose to live in the PKU postdoctoral flat or choose to receive a subsidy of RMB5,000 per month and to find their own accommodation. While at IIASA, a fellow will also receive 15,000 euros to contribute to accommodation costs and social security costs in Austria as well as the cost of an economy airfare (Beijing to Vienna, and Vienna to Beijing). Costs for any additional travel or exchange visits of the fellow between PKU and IIASA are borne by the Parties. The host supervisors of the fellow at PKU and IIASA are expected to cover the cost for conducting the collaborative research of the fellow and may cover extra travel expenditures.

Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

The Fellowship is open to applicants of all nationalities who are highly qualified early-career researchers. They must have received their Ph.D. no more than five years prior to the start of the appointment.

Due to the requirements of the Chinese National Postdoctoral Affairs Management Committee, candidates over the age of 35 years will not be considered and applicants holding tenure or in tenure-track faculty positions are not eligible.

Each applicant must identify at least one faculty member from each institution who agrees to serve as his/her host supervisor. To find the program ( suitable for your research please view the IIASA research page. Once you have formulated a proposal we encourage you to contact the relevant program representatives (

For information of faculty members at Peking University, please visit:

Selection is based on the academic excellence of the applicant, the quality of the proposed research project, compelling demonstration of the anticipated synergy of a joint postdoctoral project, and the commitment of the respective hosts at both institutions. The research proposal should include information on how the project will benefit from the research environments of both institutions and how the proposal interfaces the fellow’s own research interests with the research agendas pursued by PKU and IIASA. Applicants are advised to review the research section of the PKU webpage (or visit for postdoc supervisors' information at PKU) and the research section of the IIASA webpage.


Fellowship applicants are required to prepare application documents in English and include all of the following (except the two recommendation letters) in one PDF document:

  • PKU-IIASA International Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Form

  • Full CV or Resume

  • Two recommendation letters (directly send by referees to coordinators listed below. including one from the applicant’s doctoral supervisor)

  • An endorsement letter or e-mail from each of the envisaged postdoctoral supervisors at PKU and IIASA. The letter or e-mail should include applicant’s qualifications, detailed information on the added value of the research project and a clear statement of commitment regarding the physical and intellectual research environment that the supervisor will provide to the fellow.

Application Deadline

The call will  open on 2, September, 2022, All applications must be received by 30,November, 2022.

Important Deadlines

January, 2023 – Selected fellows will be notified

June  2023 – Preferred commencement of fellowship

Submission and Queries

Applicants are requested to submit their application document as one PDF file by email simultaneously to the following four coordinators:

For PKU General and Scientific Queries

Dr. Fan Deshang

Director of Division of Postdoctoral Affairs

Peking University (PKU)

E-mail address:

Dr. Sun Wenjie

Postdoc Coordinator

Peking University


E-mail address:

For IIASA General Queries

Ms. Aleksandra Cofala

Postdoc Coordinator


E-mail address:

For IIASA Scientific Queries

Please get in touch with the relevant program representative to find out about mutual interest in your intended research and to identify the best research group for your topic:

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